Enjoy a Sky Journey at Umeda's HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

I enjoyed a sky journey by taking  in downtown Umeda. I took pictures of the city view from the gondola and would like to share it with everyone.

HEP FIVE Ferris wheel is located in HEP FIVE, a complex commercial facility in Umeda, with a diameter of 75m and a height of 106 meters from the ground, where you can enjoy the view of the big city Osaka. The all red gondola is very eye-catching. On a clear day, you can see as far as Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Mt. Ikoma. It has become a popular spot for families and couples to visit.

HEP FIVE Facility Details

Address 530-0017 Osaka-shi Kita-ku Kadota-cho 5-15
Access 3 minutes on foot from Hankyu Umeda Station east, 4 minutes on foot from JR Osaka Station's Midosuji exit east, 5 minutes on foot from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Umeda Station, 5 minutes on foot from Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line Higashi Umeda Station
Business Hours 11:00-22:45 (last boarding time)
Fee 600 yen
Official HP Ferris Wheel Ticket Counter | HEP FIVE

In the HEP FIVE facility, there are many shops and monuments with red as the main theme. Among them, the size of the red whale that appears right in front of you is amazing. Climb the escalator and go to the 7th floor. Pay 600 yen at the ticket counter next to Starbucks and then go to the gondola.

There seems to be a film like a smoked glass, so you can't see the outside clearly. Maybe it's to make it difficult to see other customers from the neighboring gondolas. But it didn't affect much when taking pictures.

You can see the tracks heading to JR Osaka Station as soon as you start climbing. How many lines are there? It is indeed downtown Umeda.

Soon reaches the top. I don't have acrophobia, but my legs get weak with the gondola I haven't been on in a long time.
can look down from above and see the scene of Osaka east side.

You can see the roads of the Shin-Osaka Line. The west side of Osaka. There are countless buildings lined up.

A 15-minute sky journey at HEP FIVE in Umeda.
come and visit as access is also good!