Take A Leap of Faith (Abridged)

Shan State, Myanmar
To my future child,

I am not certain whether or not you are fortunate
to have me as a parent. To many people’s eyes, I am a nomad, a wanderer, a free
spirit—one with a rootless existence. To some, I am a rebel for I choose to
defy conventions and live life as I feel it should be lived. But to a few, I am
a person of infinite passions, an individual who makes things happen because I
choose to live my dreams.

I am a traveler, my child. And you have to
understand that a traveler cannot give you all the material possessions
your heart desires. All I have is a wealth of memories and wisdom that I have
carefully tucked in my heart, so when you come into this world, I will be able
to let you experience what really matters in life.

If at a very young age, you find yourself staring
at maps and asking for a globe as a Christmas gift. If you find yourself
itching to run around the neighborhood under the rain or the scorching sun. If
you hear the sound of tribal drums from a distance, calling you. Would you just
push these yearnings away and stay? Or would you hunt for the source of the
beats that beckon you?
Somewhere in Kenya.
My precious child, there is a reason you were born
in a beautiful world. So I dare you to “free yourself, like a gazelle from the
hand of the hunter, like a bird from the snare of a fowler.” Some people spend
a lifetime figuring out what their passions are. If you find yours, grab it,
never let it go.

Have you started feeling those butterflies churning in your stomach
yet? They are not supposed to be there. That sinking, uncomfortable feeling is
a sign that you have to let those beautiful winged creatures run free. And when
they do, chase them. Dreams are not to be bottled inside, they should be

Bagan, Myanmar
The world is full of mystery. Believe that whenever you’re stuck in a
rut, somehow the universe will conspire to pull you out of the mire. But it is
not a done deal, my darling. Life can teach us valuable lessons in our
struggles. There are some things, often the essential ones, that you have to
work for.

Good things happen to those who persevere. But when you’ve settled down
into a job, make sure it’s something that gives you happiness and contentment.
Never allow it to control you, my child, or else you will end up grumpy and sad.
When you find yourself fraught by a frenetic day-to-day routine, battling
anxiety, and fighting a morass of troubles that leave you confuzzled (confused
and puzzled), snap out of it! You deserve better.

Also know, my dearest, that some of us are raised in a protected shell.
 Our families love us so much that they gird us against uncertainty.
Everything might be carefully planned, properly measured, so we won’t have to
fail or get into some kind of trouble. If you find yourself, growing up in that
kind of environment, don’t fret. There is always a way out. Remember, that what
you have always yearned for is just right outside your comfort zone.
Chiang Mai, Thailand

A word of warning, though. Once that protective bubble has burst, a
gush of wind will sweep you off your feet, and push you to break more
boundaries. Can you handle that, my child?

There will be times when you will be plagued with
doubts and insecurities brought about by your circumstances. But don’t let it
stop you. Don’t make excuses. They are only for the weak in spirit. 
You can always overcome obstacles when you have faith
in something. Never lose sight of it. Whenever you’re lost, it will
light up your way.
Lyon, France
Oh yes, travel touches one’s heart in so many ways than you can imagine. Don’t
resist. Let it dig into the deep caverns of your chest. Allow it to extract
past hurts that weigh you down. You can’t fly when you’re heart is heavy.

But pain is part of life. So are rejection and cruelty and rudeness.
You can’t escape from them, my love. But it is only when we experience the bad
that we learn how to trust the beauty of humanity.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Travel will squeeze you, mold you, beat you to the
pulp until you can’t even recognize your former self anymore—if you allow it
to take its course, it will create a better being out of you.

But before
letting it sweep you completely, don’t ever
forget that no matter where the road takes you, you will always have loved ones
waiting for you in a warm place called home. 

Palawan, Philippines
My child, I won’t ask anything of you but to live
your life. It will be the greatest gift that you can give me. Don’t waste it.
Explore. Get lost in the luxury and romance of the great outdoors. Meet new
people. Embrace unfamiliar cultures. Don’t be afraid to take that one leap
of faith that will change your life forever. 

Do you know
how an eagle learns to fly? Its mom pushes it off the nest. It struggles. It
gets scared. But it never gives up. Now see how majestic it soars.

I want you
to be like that baby eagle. Jump, I command you, then conquer the skies! 


Your Future Mom
This is the abridged version of the PTB Blog Carnival I hosted sometime ago. I hope it inspires you to push boundaries, break limits, chase rainbows, find your bliss, know what you are made of . . .

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