The Great Migration

We all have a purpose in life.
Photo from Picture Kenya

Every day of each year is an endless march of  life and death. Every journey a struggle for survival. Every moment an opportunity to race alongside friends or battle with one’s enemy. Every heart beat, every groan, every step determine one’s fate. Every single drop of blood, a chance to breathe life into another. Every day is an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

That’s how it is for millions of wildebeests and thousands of zebras, gazelles, and elands who brave a 500-kilometer journey from the southern Serengeti in Tanzania to the northern tip of the Masai Mara in Kenya—in what is known as nature’s greatest spectacle.

These migrants—with their young in tow—trek about 1800 miles in search for greener pastures and a sip of water. It is a tough undertaking, to say the least, and every year a quarter of a million wildebeest and thousands of zebras and gazelles don’t make it alive.
Along the way, hungry predators like lions and hyenas wait for the easy kill and partake of the bounty. One zebra who wanders off a bit too far can find itself in the claws of a hungry pack. A wildebeest who’s unable to run as fast as the rest might surrender his fate to the swift leopard.
Sometime’s challenges get on our way.
Photo from Audley Travel.
The drama even heightens when—between July and September—herds cross the Grumeti River in Tanzania and the Mara River in Kenya. It is quite a thrilling spectacle when the migrants gather at the river banks and take their time, as if contemplating whether or not to risk it for the fresh grass on the other side of the river. But they know too well that they have to do it—there is no choice. They have to take the leap of faith. They plunge into the water, all the while knowing that crocodiles are patiently awaiting the blessings that befall them. 
And our strength might fail us.
Photo from Picture Kenya.
But in the end, the most determined of the lot survives! There is victory to be had!
So go on, take that leap of faith.
Photo from African Events Travel. 
There is a reason they call it “The Greatest Show on Earth.” But it might not be around forever. So in 2013, Reiza is going to witness and experience the Great Migration—if only to learn a thing or two about the beauty of fighting for survival. 
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  1. Justin says: Reply

    The cycle of life.

  2. admin says: Reply

    @Justin: Yes, you've described it perfectly. A cycle of birth and death. It's a real spectacle.:)

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