Take a Leap of Faith

To my future child,
I am not certain whether or not you are fortunate to have me as a parent. To many people’s eyes, I am a nomad, a wanderer, a free spirit—one with a rootless existence. To some, I am a rebel for I choose to defy conventions and live life as I feel it should be lived. But to a few, I am a person of infinite passions, an individual who makes things happen because I choose to live my dreams.
I am a traveler, my child. And you have to understand  that a traveler cannot give you all the material possessions your heart desires. All I have is a wealth of memories and wisdom that I have carefully tucked in my heart, so when you come into this world, I will be able to let you experience what really matters in life.
If at a very young age, you find yourself staring at maps and asking for a globe as a Christmas gift. If you find yourself itching to run around the neighborhood under the rain or the scorching sun. If you hear the sound of tribal drums from a distance, calling you. Would you just push these yearnings away and stay? Or would you hunt for the source of the beats that beckon you?
Will you follow the steps of Josiah, who’s memory of the open road dates back to when he was still a toddler tagging along on his parents’ trips? Will you, like him, tell your friends stories of how your first climb of Pico de Loro sparked your interest to scale more peaks?

Josiah Sicad of Lakas ng Trip

“And on April 2006, I climbed Pico de Loro in Cavite, my first mountain. The very first travel that I decided  to join. The very first trip that was neither with my parents nor was a requirement in school. 

Seeing the fantastic view on the top of the mountain, I knew then that traveling is something I will do for the rest of my life.” Read Josiah’s story here.
Or will you, like Berniemack, be able to proudly claim that you are a nomad by birth, destined to roam the world? Will you evolve from being a reluctant tourist, visiting monuments and churches, to being a daredevil, stepping into unknown territories that most ordinary people don’t dare go?

Berniemack Arellano of Habagat Central

“Once afraid of stepping into unknown territories, I have become more daring when the thesis days came. Crossing Maguindanao alone in the name of research, in which it bore sweet fruit. Changing perspectives, knowing where to set fear and where to correct people from distant Manila on how to perceive Mindanao—that’s where it all began.” Read more of Berniemack’s journey here.

 Or will Eileen’s eccentric life inspire you? Will you turn out to be as rare, sultry, dangerously funny, and highly individualistic like her—who can rock anything from DIY trips to getting tattoos from non-English-speaking artists and then crossing the great pond to drink Guinesses and eat meat pies? Will you be able to find your way into the world with only a map in hand and vivid sense of adventure?

Eileen Campos of Possibly Pinay

 “Travel has always been there. When asked I why I travel, I don’t dare answer with such enlightening inspiration like to discover or to learn or to challenge myself. I travel because that’s the way it has always been. I don’t know anything else in my life. That’s just how it’s always been. Travel has been with me for so long that I don’t know a life without it. Travel didn’t change my life. Travel is my life.” More of Eileen’s adventures here.

My precious child, there is a reason you were born in a beautiful world. So I dare you to “free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, like a bird from the snare of a fowler” (Proverbs 6:5). Some people spend a lifetime figuring out what their passions are. If you find yours, grab it, pursue it, never let it go.

Be like Francis. He discovered his passion for photography and blogging out of his love for travel. He used a corporate setback to fuel his creativity. Be like him and show everyone who doubts you that sometimes it only takes a pure thirst for learning about what this world is made of that will turn your life around.

Francis Nunez Balgos of Pala-lagaw

“Being naturally curious, with determination and thirst for learning, about life, about people, about photography, about self realization and more so about being on the road. Being the explorer had always been my defining trait, but the driving force to my travelling was more about photography. The road is an adventure waiting to be told, I may not be globe trotting at least not yet, it could be tiresome but having a goal to reach is something worth doing.” Discover Francis’ passion here. 

Succumb to an addiction, like Alvin. Pop a travel pill and allow yourself to become a junkie. You will find yourself taken into a hallucinating world of self-discovery, burgeoning friendships, and that constant craving to have some more.  Be hooked on travel, and you’ll never go for rehab.

Alvin Sabay of The World Behind My Wall

“I’m an addict, a self-confessed travel addict. For such a long time I have put a limit on my dreams and just became contented with a boxed-in life. Then I discovered the art of traveling and came into a realization that my life is more than what can be contained in a box. I chose to step outside of its confining walls to get me started to living a life that is more open to change and embracing any challenge that comes along the way.” Readmore of Alvin’s addiction here.

Start from the bottom and learn on your way up, like new blogger Michelle. Because in the blogging and travelling world, there are no experts, everyone is an amateur. Don’t worry if you think writing is not your forte. In the end, all that matters are the experiences we encounter and the stories we tell.

Michelle Mujer of Lakbay Kix

 “Traveling changes us . . . it is healing and it is spiritual.  We leap from places to places because we love the change it gives us.  It makes us try different things, it makes us happier and more social, it pushes ourselves to face our fears, to feel limitless, to learn and experience something new.” JoinMichelle’s journey here.  

Have you started feeling those butterflies churning in your stomach yet? They are not supposed to be there. That sinking, uncomfortable feeling is a sign that you have to let those beautiful winged creatures run free. And when they do, chase them. Dreams are not to be bottled inside, they should be pursued.

I should tell you about this young man, Renz, who abandoned the road to becoming a doctor and took a risky detour to becoming a travel blogger—not the most lucrative of all professions, but certainly one of the most satisfying. He knows that he has taken a difficult route, but he also feels in his heart, that the lessons he learned on the road are more than enough to sustain him.

Renz Bulseco of The Geek Travels

“Traveling made me realize that happiness can’t be bought. For years, I’ve been living within my comfort zone. In some of my travels, I have witnessed the sad realities of life and it dawned on me that I should be thankful to all of the blessings I have received. Traveling became my vehicle to find my true passions. It had allowed me to hone my hidden skills in photography and writing.” Read more of the lessons Renz learned on theroad here.

What is it like when you’re torn between three passions, like nurse traveler Edmar, who wants to be a nurse, a traveler, and a lawyer at the same time? You go around it. Unlike a typical nurse who spends most of his time running from hospital to home, Edmar found the delicate balance between work and travel, without necessarily leaving one for the other. Someday, when the right time comes, he will become a lawyer. All it needs is a little bit of sacrifice.

Edmar Gu-Quibb of Edmaration, Etc.

“That’s the leap of faith! When a nurse travels, he can sacrifice some of his dreams in his life because he wants to travel. Although he continues his profession as a nurse, he has to give up some his life’s greatest dreams.” Be inspired and read Edmar’s story here.

But what happens when you fail to realize your dreams? Ask John Marx. You see, my dear, when you’ve let go of the thing you want the most in life, it either derails you or sobers you up. John Marx plunged into that hole of depression when he failed to make it as a civil engineer, but an enlightening trip to Sagada bailed him out.

John Marx Velasco of Marxtermind

“I got depressed and stressed sometime ago so with no detailed plans at all, I packed my bag and traveled to Sagada alone. I can still clearly remember when I took that step to challenge myself. To achieve independence, freedom, peace and happiness. I achieved more than I wanted. My first solo travel made me feel that there’s so much in life aside from the usual things I have.” More about John Marx’s journey here

The world is full of mystery. Believe that whenever you’re stuck in a rut, somehow the universe will conspire to pull you out of the mire. But it is not a done deal, my darling. Life can teach us valuable lessons in our struggles. There are some things, often the essential ones, that you have to work for.

Kaiz can tell you how it’s like to end up penniless each month paying for bills, supporting one’s siblings, and saving for travel, while clinging to an uninspiring job. Contrary to what the elders would say that there is no formula in life, Kaiz obviously has found hers and she is making it work, patiently  waiting for the door of better opportunities to open up for her.

Kaiz Belga of Miss Backpacker

“You’ve got statistics that you need to retain your job. You must rely with economics for your everyday expenses. You need to do accounting to check if there’s left for your savings. Now that I’ve learned which to put at the end of my simple formula, I rest my case that  traveling made an impact on my life great enough that it has changed my whole perception of how I wanted to age.” Want to know Kaiz’s secretformula? Read here.

You can also take life as it comes, like Juanderful Pinoy, who has just graduated from university and off to work in the white-collar world. He admits it’s not really his dream job, but he looks at it as a chance to score a travel stint in the future. For now, he enjoys the ride, carrying promises of new beginnings and a bright future.

Juanderful Pinoy
“I believe hard times can really make you a better person. I am totally committed to accomplish something for myself. There are so many things on my mind right now. A sudden bursts of sudden wants which I don’t want to have, but I think have. At least for now I have clues. It’s really time to determine and choose a career I liked.” Read Juanderful Pinoy’s success story here. 
Rest assured, every hard work has its reward. Marvel at how Roniel is now enjoying the fruits of his labor. Over the years, he has evolved from a hesitant travel amateur to a reflective explorer who is no longer bound by the limits of money and time.

Roniel Macatol of Eating Halfway

“If a leap of faith is to become a basis of being “faithful” then I would fit right in. Our decisions become our life. It can make or break us, taking us into our lives’ conclusion. Time and again, I arrive at certain crossroads as before. I am taking a leap of faith believing that wherever my halfway journeys take me, I will be in a place where God wants me to be.” Read about Roniel’s journey here.

Good things happen to those who persevere. But when you’ve settled down into a job, make sure it’s something that gives you happiness and contentment. Never allow it to control you, my child, or else you will end up grumpy and sad. When you find yourself fraught by a frenetic day-to-day routine, battling anxiety, and fighting a morass of troubles that leave you confuzzled (confused and puzzled), snap out of it! You deserve better.

Think about how Izah, who mustered all the courage to break free from a high-paying but certainly boring corporate job to do freelance work as a traveler and blogger. She found it a bit scary at first, with friends dissuading her from doing so, but for the sake of her happiness, she took the leap and it was the most profound thing that ever happened in her life.

Izah Morales of Tripadora

“At the luxury ship, you’re one of the elite. Then one day you woke up. You had enough of the boring routine in the ship. You want to jump out of that ship and start your adventure aboard the balangay. There’s a risk of jumping out of the ship. You know the waves would be rough. It won’t be an easy journey. You might drown in the water of you might get lost. People won’t understand you.” The ups and downs of Izah’s adventure here.

Then there’s trailblazing Edcel. He’s taken a step further and embarked on a journey around Southeast Asia and beyond with limited resources and a few other setbacks. Was he being impulsive? Maybe. But that’s exactly the youthful approach that has brought him thus far. His strong willpower took his persona to go on a mega-drive, making him stand taller among many travelers.   

Edcel Suyo of Soloflighted

“There are moments when I feel that I’m just making a hasty decision and I’m wondering if my plans are really going to happen. I haven’t really thought about it in full because my mind is too preoccupied with other things at present. But when I finally have the time to contemplate, I somehow realize how big of a deal this idea actually is. A positive mindset is what I needed.” Follow Edcel’s journey here.

Or you can reflect upon Doi—carefree Doi who’s not afraid to throw caution to the wind.  An invite from her thrill-seeking friends sent her packing her bags and flying to a place she’s never been before. She left home to grow up and push her limits, making her fears of the uncertain a thing of the past. She takes her chances and gets away with it.

Doi Domisian of The Travelling Feet

“Right now, I’m writing this entry on my travel notebook while looking out the window. It’s almost 3pm. A sea of fluffy clouds are scattered all over the horizon. The pilot’s voice echoed through the entire aircraft. A few days before this flight, I still had second thoughts whether I would push through or not. I only have $450 in my pocket and 120Baht from last year’s trip. I still have no concrete plans but I’m confident that everything will just fall into place. I’m already 31 and I need to grow up. Leaving home is the only way I know how.” Read how Doi chases her dreams here.

Know, my dearest, that some of us are raised in a protected shell.  Our families love us so much that they gird us against uncertainty. Everything might be carefully planned, properly measured, so we won’t have to fail or get into some kind of trouble. If you find yourself, growing up in that kind of environment, don’t fret. There is always a way out. Remember, that what you have always yearned for is just right outside your comfort zone.

Learn from Claire, a self-confessed home buddy and one who literally hit the travel-ground running. Who would ever think that this energetic globetrotter first stepped on a plane only four years ago? But that’s the wonder of travel. It forces you to get out of your cocoon.

Claire Rabobar-Blaxland of Lakwatsera de Primera

“Looking back now, I think I have come a long way from the hermit and anti-social me who watched too many travel shows, spent too much time reading Php3000 worth of books and magazines in one sitting and sometimes even working on the weekend by choice for the lack of better things to do. I finally found the guts to get a good camera, start taking pictures and start going to the places I wanted to visit without if and buts.  I went out of my comfort zone, became more open to other people and tried new things.” Discover how Claire got out of her shell here. 

That’s exactly what travel did for Melody, who challenged herself and hopped on the plane to South Korea, a solo trip that changed her life, and the way she translates her travels into meaningful experience. She’s also more than willing to offer a tip or two about her destinations.

Melody Co of Guiltless Getaways

“This was the trip that turned my life around. Traveling used to be something I would do to recharge and cool off from all the drowning office work. Today, I find meaning and stories wherever I go.” Read moreabout Melody’s solo trip here.

Che will gladly share her first solo backpacking experience. It was her way of assuring herself that there is more to life than the confines of her immediate environment. The people she met on the road enlightened her that there is nothing to worry about when traveling alone. But what comforts her is to know that after the trip, she will always have a home to go to.

Che Gurrobat of Backpacking Pilipinas

“For more than three years since I started backpacking Pilipinas, I’ve nerver really been alone. But then there was this nagging idea of solo backpacking that kept haunting me for a long time. I’ve always thought that every seasoned traveler should go through this brave undertaking once in a while. But now I’d like to think that solo backpacking is not just for usual travelers. It’s something that everyone should do and could do—travel easily alobe, escape from the city rat race and find a quiet space somewhere far.” Take a trip with Che here.

 A word of warning, though. Once that protective bubble has burst, a gush of wind will sweep you off your feet, and push you to break more boundaries. Can you handle that, my child?

If at some point fear creeps into your heart, remember what Daene always says, “Fear is really part of the fun!” She conquered her fear and bungee-jumped the Macau Tower. Ah, what an exhilarating feeling that must have been. Jumping off is the classic metaphor for choosing your own fate. Daene made hers.

Daene Luna of Filipina on Flip Flops

“I remember leaning my body forward slowly, leaning forward just a little bit, and before I knew it, gravity was doing all the work, and I was falling and falling fast, with the most amazing, exhilarating feeling EVER. It wasn’t like riding a roller coaster that made your stomach turn and churn with G forces, it was just… free falling, and this will probably sound cheesy and silly but I recall thinking “FREEDOM!” as I fell fast.” Take the leap with Daene here.

If jumping is not your cup of tea, why don’t you emulate the reigning travel maverick, Journeying James? This is a guy who sleeps on hammocks under the moon and goes on a 100-day journey around the Philippine archipelago with only a few coins in his pocket and small backpack to boot.

Journeying James

“Yes, it’s a leap of faith! The most sacrificial and challenging thing I did all my life. I’m not getting younger so I did it even if I’m not sponsored by a company or individual- yes, an indie-traveler. As of this writing, I’m almost half-way there, The trip is life-changing, eye-opening, back-aching and feet-abusing but most satisfying.” Read more about Jame’s undertaking here.

Or try to be like Aleah, the ultimate independent woman, travelling alone to countries many of us only read in books. Not only does she weave her sharp-witted optimism into her travel stories that make us want to join her or be her, but also she encourages reluctant travelers to pursue their dream destinations. Work for it, like she did, and you’ll never ever regret the sacrifices you’ve made.

Aleah of Solitary Wanderer

“So how do you take the leap of faith? How do you take that first step off the solid ground that you’ve always been loathe to leave by yourself? Want it hard enough, and it will happen! When you want something hard enough, you’re more open to possibilities, more aware of opportunities that can help you get it. If you really want it, you can always find ways to get it. Otherwise, all you’ll have are excuses.” Celebrate travel with Aleah here.

Be inspired by Gay—the epitome of a perfect life. Not only does she have a dashing man on her arm, she also has her gorgeous daughter, Luna, in tow in her round-the-world adventures. Not to mention talent, brains, beauty, and a thrill-seeking aura. Defiantly down-to-earth, Gay holds on to the home-grown qualities and remains grounded despite having already accomplished so much.

Gay Mitra-Emami of Pinay Travel Junkie

“Every phase of my early backpacking years led me to where I am now. All the travel mishaps and heartbreaks molded me into a tougher backpacker chick who’s read to take on the world. I am not w a full-blown backpacking mum. And though I lost a part of my carefree self, I don’t really mind. Because in restrospect, I lived and I am still living an awesome life.” Take a peek at Gay’s journeys here.

There will be times when you will be plagued with doubts and insecurities brought about by your circumstances. But don’t let it stop you. Don’t make excuses. They are only for the weak in spirit. 

Take a look at Lisa Marie. Her happy-go-lucky soul is inviting. She exudes a certain aura that makes people around her comfortable and casual. Who would ever think that this bubbly damsel struggles with health issues? But her zest for life is bigger than her fears, and she refutes the myth that sick people can’t travel.

Lisa Marie Mirasol of Pinay Travelista

 “There are no such thing as ‘valid’ excuses. ‘I am not fit or healthy to do travelling.’ Neither was I. Meds, and a constant sticky note in the head that reminded me to eat healthy and stay fit allowed me to take this on. Kaya nga andito so Pinay Trav dahil because of this statement. Something to prove na I can get more from life—I did it and continue to do so through travels.” Enjoy Lisa Marie’s carefree soul here. 

And this young lad Ryan is a certainly good sport. He will tell you with genuine humor about the countless times he was afraid to travel before because of his motion sickness, and that the only way he could overcome them was to embark into more trips, which he poetically labelled as his melancholic travels.

Ryan Mach of Pinoy Wandering Boy

“The fact that I threw up on the road pretty much solidified my belief that I had no business going to places that required riding on a mass transportation. But my folks understood my weakness and stubborn as a mule, I never let my ‘little personal problem’ get in the way as far as traveling was concerned.” Read Ryan’s experiences here.

You can always overcome obstacles when you have faith in something, my child. Never lose sight of it. Whenever you’re lost, it will light up your way.

Mhe-anne can attest to that. Her first trip to the UK was nothing like she expected it to be. How would you feel if you were standing alone in a bus station and couldn’t get a ride back home? It was surely a test faith, which she won with flying colors.

Mhe-Anne Ojeda of My Comings and Goings

As I reflect on this experience, I felt gratitude that God has used my travel to teach me how faith works. As I get into more and more difficulties, I was forced to turn to God for help and learned in a practical way how I can reach my journey. And so it is in our spiritually journeys. We need hope and faith to reach our eternal destination.” Find out how faithsaved Mhe-anne, here.

And can’t you help but be awed by Ephraim, a charismatic guy who survived the Ormoc flood tragedy in 1999, and uses his travels to touch and inspire the lives of others?

Ephraim Arriesgado of The Adventist Adventurer

 “I have also decided to dedicate all my travels (as much as possible) as mission or outreach trips, that I hope will become opportunities to help the needy and share the love of Jesus to others. I learned more fully to treasure friendships and to value the experiences more than any other things in life. I learned to be more confident, independent, and practical. I learned to become more passionate and compassionate.” Journey throughfaith with Ephraim, here

Travel touches one’s heart in so many ways than you can imagine.

Lloyd’s spiritual trip to Cebu, in a way, undid months of mourning for a lost love. Not only did it heal a broken heart, but it also strengthened and prepared it to fall fully in love again.

 The Lost Boy Lloyd

“I took healing day by day, fervently praying that my broken heart be mended for it to be whole again, for me to be ready to fall in love again. With every city and province I’ve visited, I took the time to heal and tell myself life is beautiful and worth living. Back then, travel was my way to move on and regard yesterday as a bittersweet learning experience. After a year in my life and after all the miles I’ve traveled, there I was again right where I was standing the year prior—at the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino.” Read Lloyd’s story here.

On a long-haul trip, Rain so beautifully strung poetry about her conflicting feelings, allowing her to carefully reflect on the events unfolding before her. It was a trip that concluded into a break-up and opened up a happier chapter in her life.

Rain Amantiad of Destination: Everywhere

“I defied over five thousand miles to dare my spirit how much it could take. Love matters because it is the nucleus of all values. If it fails, the damage extend its arms to  your faith in things and people; it feasts on blows repeatedly aimed at your own self-worth; it topples over all hopes in the reality of dreams; the possibility of magic. Three countries, four cities and an island — I strung poetry for each, with beads of lessons learned from the road.” Discover how Rain’s life turned around,here.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and plumbing her failed relationship with depression, Mich decided to cut the rope that tied her to that hurtful past and faced her possibly beautiful future by plunging into the great depths of Danao. And she sure came back up, revived, leaving the negative vibes down below.

Mich Borlagdan of Chasing Philippines

“Now, I know why we need to pursue these challenges; Sometimes, we need to lose hope and feel like dying so we will appreciate the beauty of living. We need to be weak and defenseless so we will see how strong we can be. Sometimes we need to be left alone so we will learn to appreciate how wonderful it is to be surrounded by good people. And sometimes, we need to cry pale of tears so we would appreciate every morning that we see ourselves smiling.” Take the plunge with Mich, here.

Mimai believes travel might be a remedy for shattered hearts. She passionately scribbles words on a piece of paper as if there’s no tomorrow. The irony is that though her fingers are frantic, her face exude peace that can only come from a contented heart, as she writes a letter to her former broken heart.
Mimai Cabugnason of A Shark’s Life

 “Look at you now. All happy and beating again. I’ve never been so proud. Way back in 2010, you shattered yourself into countless pieces. And you didn’t know what to do. And then a lightbulb moment right after that memorable trip to Baguio. Maybe seeing the world is a remedy, maybe.” Read Mimai’s poignant letter here.

Pain is part of life. So is rejection and cruelty and rudeness. You can’t escape from them, my love. But it is only when we experience the bad that we learn how to trust the beauty of humanity.

As Ian would say rightfully say, “The world is not evil at all.” He made this personal discovery while depending on the kindness of strangers to survive his trip to Taiwan.

Ian dela Pena of Brownmantrips

“The people I met in Taiwan made me re-establish my faith to humanity’s kindness. I would say that the environment that I have grew up in, made my perspective rough and my exterior tougher to survive. Living in a mega city like Manila isn’t easy you have to guard your own or else you’ll be taken advantaged. And this trip to Taiwan made me realize that the world is not that evil at all.” Embrace kindness with Ian, here.

People like Shawi, a veteran backpacker who’s been to far-flung places from Mongolia to Saudi Arabia, blurs the conventional boundary of what is expected of travelers. Not only does she go the extra mile to personally connect with people she meets on the road, but she also welcomes weary travelers to her home.

Shawi Cortez of Cheap Travel for Women

“Receiving more guests, it opened my mind to a whole new world of traveling. I have learned that I don’t need to always stay in posh hotels to enjoy a country. That there are budget airlines which will allow me to travel reasonably. Being exposed to travelers gave me the courage to jump into the unknown. To take that leap of faith.” Engage in Shawi’s adventures, here.

Mountaineer Kim knows better than underestimate the power of reaching out to other people. Her experience climbing up a lighthouse in Cape Bojeador is a perfect example of believing in the goodness of humanity. Without it, she would have not forged new and kept old friendships alive.

Kimkawayan Lim of Indie Escape

“If there was anything I learned on friendships from years of mountaineering, it was that the best bonds are formed on the campsite. In this case, the setting is quite different but the idea held true. I have sensed our same passion for travel, and that very thing kept me from being an outsider looking in.” Make friends with Kim, here. 

Travel will squeeze you, mold you, beat you to the pulp until you can’t even recognize your former self anymore—if you allow it to take its course, it will create a better being out of you.

Enjoy every moment of it while you can, like Darwin does. He mingles with the local people, eat exotic food, and takes snapshots of the fabulous scenery. He tells his stories through his amazing photos, you see.

Darwin Miranda Cayetano of Tracking Treasure

“From being a social clone, a victim of confusions and frustrations and a perfect example of a bored corporate slave, I suddenly find myself on the road. Walking along the off-beaten paths to discover the unknown has become my interest. From feeling incomplete, I am starting to become more alive and fulfilled.” Take a trip with Darwin, here.

Or take travel in a stride like Marky.  He is hardly your typical travel companion.  Not one for drunken parties and late-night shenanigans, he takes his travel seriously, savoring every moment of each trip, each adventure a poetic endeavor, each trip a chance to dream bigger.

Marky Ramone-Go of Nomadic Experiences

“I can’t say with cut-throat precision how travelling changed my life. The fact that I carry on with these observations around and I continue to practice the things I learned on the road, is an indication that it has impacted me very clearly. “The road is life” as Jack Kerouac once wrote. It won’t be my life 100% but I rest my head every night knowing that it will be forever there, waiting for whenever I’m ready yet again to hit the road.” Read Marky’s wisdom on the road, here.

But most of all, don’t ever forget that no matter where the road takes you, you will always have loved ones waiting for you in a warm place called home. 

When you have a family of your own, think of Noel. Despite the demands of work, he never sacrifices bonding time with his wife and daughter. That’s what love is. And a true traveler loves unselfishly.

Noel Amo of Batangala

“Meeting my wife-to-be did not prevent me from travelling. In fact, with a constant companion, we got to travel together more. Even with a baby, we still kept on travelling. To date, we still go out of town at least once a year or when our finances permit. I believe that our daughter gets to learn more about the Philippines little by little through travel.” Meet Noel’s lovely family here.

My child, I won’t ask anything of you but to live your life. It will be the greatest gift that you can give me. Don’t waste it. Explore. Get lost in the luxury and romance of the great outdoors. Meet new people. Embrace unfamiliar cultures. Don’t be afraid to take that one leap of faith that will change your life forever. 

Do you know how an eagle learns to fly? Its mom pushes it off the nest. It struggles. It gets scared. But it never gives up. Now see how magestic it soars.

I want you to be like that baby eagle. Jump, I command you, then conquer the skies! 


Your Future Mom

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    So sad I wasn't a part of this, but then I realized I really am not a traveler like any of the people in this list. I'm still a tourist!

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    @ Che: And thanks for the entry, Che. 🙂

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    @AJ, for a start let me get knocked off first. 🙂 I was disappointed you didn't submit an entry. You know in your heart that you're as genuine a traveller like everyone here. 🙂

  13. admin says: Reply

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    @Renz, that's funny! I was playing Enya while I compiled the posts!

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    I want you to be like that baby eagle. Jump, I command you, then conquer the skies! "

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    WOW and WOW din! I just woke up and saw all these encouraging comments. Nag-e-emote na tuloy ako so early in the day. It warms my heart to know you love it, guys and gals. And I am truly humbled by all you inspiring people, who touched my heart in one way or the other. Naks! Sabi ko nga emote eh.

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  35. Anonymous says: Reply

    I just had my first out of the country travel in Thailand and it made me convince myself that I really wanna travel the rest of South-east Asia and the whole world maybe. But I'm single and can take no one with me. I was thinking of backpacking solo but im a bit scared. READING THIS POST INSPIRES ME really. Yet, I still have some hesitation. Can anyone give me tips on how should I start…….please?

  36. admin says: Reply

    Uy ha, thanks for all your generous compliments. Kakahiya naman. 🙂 I'm sorry I might not be able to reply to each one of you. But salamat talaga for giving me this chance to host.

    Sa mga hindi nakasali, I'm sure you have inspired other people with the stories you write on your blogs:)

  37. admin says: Reply

    @ Anonymous: Backpacking solo could be the scariest undertaking you might have, but it might also be one of the most meaningful. And who knows you might find your travel partner on the road? *wink*

    I've backpacked Southeast Asia with my sister, but we've met a lot of solo travellers, and they enjoyed it just the same. SE Asia is a very safe place to travel, and it's easy to get around—not to mention, it's dirt cheap.

    How to start? DECIDE, once and for all, and go from there! Best of luck!

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  39. admin says: Reply

    Thank you, James. And yes, you may have a copy. 🙂

  40. Anonymous says: Reply

    @Reiza: Thank you for your tips. Weee! i just need to push myself a little more. 🙂

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