This Moment 2

This Moment:  A Friday ritual. A photo—no words—capturing a moment from my travel experiences. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment you want to pause, savour and remember.
“This Moment” is a ritual adopted from SouleMama, and  introduced to me by Jim of Holes In My Shoes.

If you’re inspired to do the same, please leave a link of your “moment” in the comments box for all to discover. 

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  1. Great photo! It looks so peaceful! Thank you for visiting my moment.


  2. SJ says: Reply

    I imagine them saying "oi balance this out – you need to come this end" it's a great shot.

  3. AJ says: Reply

    Priceless moment, Reiza! I'm particular fond of water birds for some reason. Those long legs and long beaks are made for stunning silhouettes. 🙂

  4. Wonder where they plan to sail off to?

    Here's my moment:

  5. Jim says: Reply

    Good pic. Where was this taken Reiza?

  6. admin says: Reply

    @AJ: I've developed a fascination with water birds since I visited Uganda. They are such elegant creatures.

  7. admin says: Reply

    @SJ: That would be the best caption for this photo! 🙂

    @Jim: This was taken in Lake Victoria at Ssese Islands.

  8. Anna says: Reply

    What a wonderful scene to wake up to! How peaceful 🙂

  9. Mario says: Reply

    Hi Reiza and greetings from California. I am a first time visitor. You are awesome. You are actually living out your life paradigm and I think that's incredible. You are a catalyst for change because your life adventures stimulates dreaming, Wandering and working towards what's important in life. Very cool.
    And your photos almost need no words because they say so much as a composition by themselves. Simply beautiful.
    I write a blog on food and my reflections on life and relationships. In my own small way I too try to be a catalyst for change. Please visit. And follow if you like. That would be cool. Thanks.

  10. admin says: Reply

    Hi, Mario! I'm glad you bumped into my site. And thanks for your "generous" comment. I'm humbled. I've just visited your site, and I love it from post 1. You have that zest for life that makes people feel better and start counting their blessings—if you know what I mean. It's contagious. Will definitely be back for more. We need more feel-good blogs like yours.

  11. lovely blog and amazing photos! really inspiring…. enjoyed reading your various posts. new follower. 🙂 cheers!

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