Some Boating Fun

We were told that to see the mountains in Pokhara, you needed to wake up very early, before sunrise, and run to the rooftop and then look toward the south, and there you’d see the mountains peeking over the hilltops in the distance.
So on our second day, we did try to wake up early, but by the time we got to the roof top, the sun was already up, and which means the clouds had already covered up the view. We didn’t see anything.
Disappointed, wondering when we would be able to see these elusive mountains, we went down to have breakfast and plan for what we could do that day. It just beat my understand that a whole range of mountains could be so elusive. I mean, it’s not like looking for an anthill. These are the highest mountain ranges in the world, so why is it that I just couldn’t look and see them?
Anyway, that second day, we did a lot of boat riding. It being off season, the lake wasn’t infested with boatloads of tourists. It was all so empty and nice. I guess it would be so horrible to come here during the peak of the tourist season, where you might have to wait a whole day to rent a boat for yourself.
After the tour in the lake in Ethiopia, over waters infested with crocodiles and hippos, this was like a row in the backyard swimming pool. No danger at all. And what they call a lake is so small it could be a pond. But I guess to a mountainous country like Nepal, it’s big enough to be called a lake. There were a lot of fishermen around, but from their faces, we could tell they had been at it for very many hours without catching anything at all!
Reminded me of the “condom fishing trip” in Juba. Read here
But the lake was nice, and the water was beautiful, and it’s a place I would like to buy a house and live next to for the rest of my life. There was this lagoon that was visible from a distance, you could see the whiteness of its beaches glimmering in the sunlight, sandwiched between the green water and the green jungle that rose into the sky. It reminded me of those old films were people get marooned on a tropical paradise.
We took with us a pizza and ice-cream and mineral water, and had a picnic in the jungle. We had wanted to have the lagoon to ourselves, but that wasn’t possible, for there were bands of fishing Nepali men all over the lagoon. They also seemed irritated when they saw us coming, and they asked our boatman “how long are they staying?” and the boatman assured them, “Only a few minutes.” They seemed not to understand why anyone would come visiting during the off-season, when it’s supposed to be the Nepalis’ turn to enjoy the lake.
It wasn’t so scary a boat ride, but then we got stuck on the rocks twice. The first time, we were near the banks and it was easy to swim to shore, in case anything happened. But the second time, the boat was way off shore. And I could swim, but my friend couldn’t.  And all the time I was wondering how I would take him to land in case the boat got stuck. Which reminded me of how shallow the lake was, so shallow that you could get stuck on a rock while in the middle of it!
Sometimes, trying to describe the beauty of something isn’t possible with words, especially when you are very tired .J So here are pictures from the lake. 
The not-so-private lagoon.

Mountains surround the lake.

Too lazy to catch elusive fish.

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