The Bush Girl Has Landed
Yohooo! Finally I escaped from Bor-dome! It took me four flights, over two days, but finally I reached the ancient city for Kathmandu, for two weeks of rest and pure relaxation. First plane was from Bor to Juba. I had to take it on Wednesday, and not Friday 27th, for at then there was talk of a huge celebration party for the SPLA on Friday, in Bor, meaning flights might have to be cancelled that day. And I would have missed my escape! Something I’d waited for since weeks before. 
Well, long story short, I ended up in Juba two days early, had some fun at the Chinese restaurant with a fellow Pinay, and finally I flew to Nairobi.
Then started the maddeningly long waits at the airports. Four hours in Nairobi. Eight hours in Dubai. It made me so tired. I had planned to do a lot of shopping at Dubai—buy flat shoes, a skirt, maybe an external hard disk—but I was so tired and the goods were so expensive. I thought that maybe once I reached Kathmandu I could find a skirt, but let me give you a bit of advice: Nepali women never wear skirts. They only wear dresses, or trousers, but not skirts! The only skirts available were very, very skimpy. Anyway, it was only something that teenagers would fancy, or something you might wear at the beach, but not something I could wear in Bor to see the Director General. I wanted a really long skirt, and I hopped around several shops and shopping malls in the city without any success! The shopkeepers would look at me as if I was looking for a piece of moon rock. Oh, there were some longer ones but with some kind of zigzag cut and made of shiny stuff, not really my kind of thing.
So finally, I arrived in Kathmandu on the 28th, at 6pm, right on the day there was supposed to be a general strike. I discovered at the last minute that I’d booked the wrong flight, for on this day, 28th May, there was supposed to be a new constitution in Nepal. But various political parties were not happy with the thing, just didn’t figure out what exactly was the problem. But now, I was suddenly faced with the possibility of spending a whole night in the airport! Because during a bandh (strike) in Nepal, all transport is shut down, and then how do you get to the hotel?
Luckily, the political tempers had cooled by the time I reached and I was able to get a taxi to my hotel. I slumped into bed immediately for I was soooooooo tired! I had forgotten what a bed feels like!
Let sleeping dogs lie.

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