Relief at Last!

I’m so glad to be out of Bor. Back in Juba—but not loving the attention of some people who want to take me out. No offense meant, my friends, but I don’t feel like going out this time round, not on a date, and especially not with all these insect bite marks all over my body.
You see, the problem is the rainy season. For here we are living in a bush.  The river is just a walk away. So since the rains have started, insects seem to have come out from wherever they were hiding and they buzz around in swarms as though this were a doomsday sci-fi film. I use insect repellant lotion, but it seems it only repels mosquitoes. Now I have red and dark spots all over. And they’re soooo itchy. I scratch and scratch and scratch until my colleagues wonder if I’m dancing to some music!
I am allergic to insect bites. I had flea marks in Ethiopia as well. I should get a swat, you know one of those tools for killing flies. But problem is you can’t swat the small insects. And there seems to be no way of stopping these bugs from feasting on me.
Then there’s  this bee that is so in love with me that it never fails to give me a visit and buzz around my head every single day! My colleagues keep on teasing me that maybe I smell like a fruit or a flower. Normally that would make me laugh, but these days even innocent remarks like that irritate me.
Maybe the stress of work has finally set it, and I am getting burnt out—after only about 2 and a half months on the field. Last weekend I lost my voice, as in completely lost it. I woke up and started my morning singing exercise, but only a croak came out. Panic! My singing-superstar dreams are sooooo over! At least, I have gained my voice back, but now I sound like a man.
Well, I wanted an adventure. I am not complaining. For if you pray for rain, don’t cry over the mud.
At least now I’m in Juba, and there seemed not to be too many insects. It being a city, and not a bush. And above that, at least I can finally get myself ice cream and pizza! In Bor, I’ve been stuffing myself with rice and eggs so much that now I feel like a hen that’s about to start laying.
Oh, what else can I write here? Is my life really this boring? I thought I was coming to have a lot of fun, but Bor is so Boring for now, and it’s all full of work, work, work, and more work. Even on weekends, I find myself in front of my computer—actually working.
But now there is the R&R coming up soon. Rest and Recreation. And I’m going to do just that. I’m going to escape from this madness for two weeks, and maybe I’ll have some fun! Get some relief. 🙂

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