Mystery of the Peeping Guard

I have tried checking the back of my hut for holes, something that peeping tom would use to spy on me while I’m inside my hurt, but I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid or if I should buy special hole-detecting gadgets to help me lay my fears to rest. For I fear someone might be spying on me from a secret hole behind my hut.

What could possibly be interesting in this place?
You see, we have four guards who help to keep us safe. They are all okay, apart from one, whose intentions I can’t figure. He is always staring at me. Well, I know I’m short and I couldn’t pass for a Dinka woman. And that alone makes these giants to look at me wondering what planet I come from. But the way this guy stares at me is creepy. It reminds me of the birds in Alfred Hitchcock’s horror, that would just sit on the electric wires staring at the human beings with eyes of a demon that seem to be dreaming—okay, I borrowed a line from Edgar Poe. But that’s what this guy makes me feel like.
I’ve caught him several times staring at me like that, and when I ask him what is the problem he merely smiles. A creepy smile. You should see him in the night—all teeth and no face! And when he starts to scare the hell out of me, he starts to sing!
On second thought, maybe he has good intentions. Maybe he stares at me hoping to spark that moment we often see in movies, when two people stare at each other and the audience immediately knows that they are going to fall in love and get married and live happy ever after. J Sometimes, when I see him looking at me, I think he is trying to calculate how many cows he should offer. Haha!
And this love angle makes me wonder what it is that he goes to do behind my hut. It’s a great mystery. I’ve seen him several times going behind there, where there is nothing, and he spends a lot of time there. It made me think that probably there is a hole somewhere in the back, and when he goes there, he goes to peep at me through this hole—peep at me while I’m inside my hut, hoping that I undress?
And with this heat, it’s easy to think that someone would get naked while in the privacy of their rooms, which might encourage this guy to go behind there to his secret hole. So now I’m worried about stripping while alone.
Now I’m getting scared. L

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