Bloody Booking!

It’s only two days to the much-anticipated trip, and my excitement is already waning—thanks to this bloody online hotel booker, who’s giving us a panic attack, and we’ve not even set foot in the promised land yet. 
A few minutes ago Pinky (a.k.a. Ruby) received an e-mail from, saying our booking for Me Them Bed and Breakfast—which we booked two months ago—had been cancelled because the bloody hostel has changed its business. They could have come up with a better excuse, you know. Change business? As in they suddenly wanted to sell breads and beds and whatever? Who buys that crappy excuse?
Anyway, this has offered to refund the reservation fee we paid through credit card, and one can only hope they will. Now, we are frantically looking for alternatives—fast. It wouldn’t have mattered if we haven’t booked ahead, if only our flight is not arriving half past midnight. I wouldn’t fancy two non-Vietnamese-speaking female backpackers loitering the streets of Saigon in the wee hours of the morning, would you?
My apologies for starting this blog on a negative note. But no worries. With my ranting done, my excitement has now increased a tad bit. Yeheeeey!

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