The Volunteers (My WRV Batch)

Back Row, left to right:
Purey, Educator (Guyana, South America)
Eric, IT Professional (Guyana, South America)
Cocoy, Organic Farming Specialist (The Gambia, Africa)
Carla, Trainer and Capacity Builder (Zambia, Africa)
Ryan, Physical Therapist (Papua New Guinea)

Middle Row :
Me, Physical Therapist (Ethiopia, Africa)
Nena, Pharmacist (Namibia, Africa)
Ciony, Organizational Development Adviser (Bangladesh, Asia)
Laura, Psychologist (Nepal, Asia)
Jinky, Environmentalist (Guyana, South America)

Front Row :
Roy, Educator (Cambodia, Asia)
Noel, Project Development Adviser (India, Asia)
Luisa, Reproductive Health Specialist (Cambodia, Asia)

Not in the Photo :
Elvie, Medical Technologist (Malawi, Africa)
Max, Business Development Adviser (The Gambia, Africa)

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