No Pain, No Gain

I officially hate injections!

Had my pneumonia shot and DPT (diptheria, pertussis, and tetanus) cocktail yesterday, and my arms are hurting like crazy. The injection sites on both arms feel like rocks embedded in my skin, and the pain is radiating to my lower arms, my back, and my neck. Range of motion is limited. I had to ask help to change my clothes or unhook my bra, and tying my hair into a ponytail seems to be a very complicated process now. I can’t even hold a glass, for cyring out loud! Pain relievers seem to be of no help. I feel like an invalid. My arms are totally useless. I can’t even bear the thought of having to have my second rabies dose today and my yellow fever vaccine on Friday (the day before my departure).

Anyway, I can tolerate the pain, I guess. But then again, I am strong (at least I am trying to be).

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  1. wow, how many shots did they give you in a day?

    talk about prevention.

    the next thing about injections that I had was 6 anti-rabies shots.

  2. Reiza says: Reply

    I had two in one day, but the DPT was a combination of three vaccines, so if you think about it, I basically had four. I'm in for the last one on Friday—yellow fever. Can't wait!

    Six anti-rabies? Quite brave of you.

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